Thinking of moving? What's in an EMF site survey?

If you're considering building or moving to a new home we can advise on the suitability of the site from an EMF exposure perspective. When we carry out a survey of the site we will provide the following:

  • A questionnaire to identify high risk occupants of the potential site.
  • Readings for all types of EMF radiation within the site perimeter.
  • Readings of overall radio-frequency radiation such as that from cell towers.
  • Readings of overall electric field radiation such as that from nearby power lines.
  • An analysis of WiFi signals that may be polluting the site, how many and how strong.
  • Site outline containing all the readings illustrating any problem areas.
  • Comparison of site EMF levels to official maximum limits as well as other suggested limits.
  • A physical report containing all of the above sent within 48 hours. An email copy is provided also.
  • Advice on what you need to do should 5G subsequently come to the area.
  • Answers to all your questions and some friendly chat from a consultant happy to be doing the work they are.
  • Peace of mind that you're doing everything you can to keep them safe.

Between the survey itself and answering all your quesitons a site survey usually takes about 1 hour complete. We're based north of Galway and are trying to make our service as accessible as possible to everyone in Ireland at an affordable cost. Our usual price for a site survey is €185 for a standard sized site within the green area of the map below.

You can read some testimonials from previous clients here.

If the site is located outside the green area we will need to charge an additional fee for travel, please contact us with the details for a quote.

Also note that as a site survey is only concerned with external sources of EMF we do not require access to any house that may be on the site so keyholders are not required, only access to the site itself.

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