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So what is a safe level of EMF radiation exposure? Before we answer that it's worth noting that there's no such thing as a 'healthy amount' of man-made EMF radiation. The numbers quoted are the levels at which each organization believes there is scientific evidence of detrimental health effects on the human body. Remember it was only about 100 years ago we had no man made EMF radiation exposure whatsoever and nowadays we get bombarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with already large levels, and they're rising almost daily.

The ideal amount of man-made EMF exposure for human bodies is zero. Of course we'll never achieve that, but we should be trying to reduce our exposure wherever possible, regardless of the safety limits.

So what is the safe limit? Unfortunately that number varies greatly depending on who you ask. In fact it's difficult to grasp just how much the answers vary. If one set of scientists were saying one number and another set were saying "nonsense, it's twice as much" then we could figure it's probably somewhere between the two answers. But at what point would you begin to suspect something’s not right? 5 times more? 50 times? 500!

The reality today is we have one group of scientists representing the telecoms industry concluding maximum safe EMF exposure limits hundreds of thousands of times more than everyone else. Yes, you read that right, hundreds of thousands of times more. They are the ICNIRP/IEEE and they are the ones setting the official maximum exposure limits in Ireland and just about everywhere else that doesn’t have their own set of guidelines.

The good news is that if you trust these guys with your family's safety then you have nothing to worry about because the possibility of ever taking an EMF reading in your home in excess of the ICNIRP’s maximum exposure guidelines are effectively zero. If however you think a second opinion might be prudent might I suggest you start with the Bioinitiative Report. It is a report by over 2 dozen PhD and MDs summarizing the findings of over 4000 peer reviewed and published EMF related scientific studies. Their maximum exposure limits are included in the table below for comparison to the ICNIRP's.

(If our engineer took a reading in your area it will for RF radiation, the right hand column.)

Magnetic Field Radiation (mG) Electric Field Radiation (V/m) RF/Microwave Radiation (µW/m2)
Natural background level <0.000002 <0.0001
Salzburg 2002 (inside houses) 1
Building Biology Group (Severe) 1 5 10
Bioinitiative Report 2012 1 10 3-6
US-Congress / EPA 2 10
Salzburg 2002 (outside houses) 10
EU-Parliament STOA 100
Salzburg 1998 1,000
Bioinitiative Report 2007 1 10 1,000
Vienna (sum GSM) 10,000
Belguim Wallonia 24,000
Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg 10 95,000
Italy (sum of freqs), Russia, China 100,000
ICNIRP 1998 (official Irish public limit) 1,000 5,000 2,000,000 !

Yes you're reading it right. It really is incredible isn’t it. One way or the other, someone’s either very wrong, or they're not being honest. We can basically boil this down to 2 viewpoints, the ICNIRP's.. and everyone else's. The discrepancies in the figures are just too much to be able to completely disregard the possibility of funding bias or some other form of corrupted science. The levels applied by some governments and the trend of updates consistently lowering their previous limits really ought to raise an eyebrow also.

Why for example does the city of Salzburg set its threshold value 2000 times lower than the ICNIRP threshold value? And why did it set that figure 100 times lower again 4 years later? The answer to that is simple. They like many others, think the ICNIRP and by extension Ireland's levels are way too high. Possibly something to do with the 1000's of scientific studies that say precisely that.

During an EMF Home Survey we will compare your home EMF levels with our own recommended guidelines and a number of different maximum exposure guidelines so you can have a broad spectrum of opinions. We'll also help you to reduce EMF exposure in your home as much as possible. In the end it will be up you to decide whose opinions you value more when it comes to keeping you and your family safe from EMF exposure.

If you'd like to learn more about our home surveys please use the button below, alternatively you can learn more about what EMFs are here, where they actually come from here, or more on their detrimental health effects here.

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