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When it comes reducing the amount of EMF radiation you and your family are exposed to in the home there are a number of mitigation techniques that can be employed and the good news is most of them cost nothing to implement.

EMF mitigation generally tends to get split into 2 types, mitigating EMF sources internal to the home and mitigating those external to the home. The key difference between the 2 is that we have a lot more control over the sources within our own home so our main focus should be on that first.

Furthermore of the various types of EMF radio frequency EMFs are normally by far the biggest polluters. So radio frequency EMF sources within the home are the main things to address in terms of reducing your exposure levels.

Techniques For Internal Sources

Home WiFi

  • If you have a wireless router give serious consideration to switching off the wireless and using network cables for desktop and laptop computers. This completely eliminates one of the biggest sources of EMF radiation in the home.
  • Try to locate your wireless router as far away from people as possible, a seldom used spare bedroom is a good place for it. Due to Planck’s Law (double the distance, quarter the exposure) this extra distance can reduce EMF exposure by a considerable amount as the most intense area of exposure is now tucked away.
  • Ideally only switch your wireless router on when you need to use it then switch it off again. If that’s just not likely to happen then at the very least use a socket timer to automatically turn it off at night to help your body recover during sleep.
  • Most people think their wireless routers have 2 settings, on or off. But most wireless routers have signal strength settings. Set this to a lower value and see if you notice any difference in your internet speed. If not you're getting more EMF exposure than you need, keeping lowering it until it's too slow.


  • Because we spend around a third of lives in the bedroom and it’s where our bodies repair themselves try to make it completely free from EMF Radiation to improve sleep and protect your body.
  • Switch your cell phone off at night. If you can’t and it can’t be left out of the room then put it the other side of the bedroom to minimize exposure.
  • If you use a baby monitor seriously consider replacing it with a wired baby monitor instead of the wireless ones. These can be one of the biggest EMF emitters in the home and worse sill they sit right next to infants who absorb up to 3 times as much EMF radiation as adults. The wireless video versions produce the most radiation of all.
  • If you use an electric blanket switch it off at the wall as low levels of EMF emit from the blanket when the blanket’s power switch is used. This exposure will be continuous throughout the night.
  • Bedside lights can produce large EMFs. Make sure it’s not too close to your head (at least 2 feet) and switch it off at the wall as it will produce a low continuous EMF all night if the light’s power switch is used.
  • Unpopular with some but TVs do produce EMFs. Smart TVs even more so. Consider making the bedroom a TV free zone. If you’re unwilling then make sure it’s as far from from the bed as possible and don’t leave it on standby all night.
  • If for some reason you can’t reduce the EMFs in your bedroom to an acceptable level, perhaps due to external sources, then another option is to use an EMF/Faraday canopy over your bed. They look like a mosquito net and good ones are very effective, although very expensive (around €800). Be suspicious of cheap ones. Particularly consider this option for children or pregnant women if other techniques are insufficient.
  • Move the bed if it can go in a less exposed area of the bedroom. An EMF meter or survey would be required for this.


  • If you don’t use your mobile phone for data then you’re getting elevated levels of RF radiation exposure for nothing, consider downgrading to a 2G (dumb) phone.
  • Don't keep your cell phone in your pocket, the levels of radiation exposure are much higher in close proximity to your body.
  • When using your cell phone, put it on speaker phone or use a pair of headphones. Even better, use a pair of airtube headphones.
  • DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) cordless phones are one of the top sources of RF radiation in the home as both the handsets and the base stations emit a large amount of RF radiation even when not in use. The more handsets you have the higher your exposure will be. If you can’t switch to wired reduce the handsets to a minimum and consider switching to a ‘low-emf’ version, they at least don’t seem to emit as much radiation when not in use. Also considering switching them off at night, although even then the handset will still emit as it tries to connect with the base.
  • Give serious consideration to not letting mobile phones anywhere near a child under 6, their absorption rates are much higher than adults. A child 6-15 still absorbs more EMF radiation than an adult so limit their time on them as much as possible.

Living/Sitting Rooms

  • Try to make sure no seat is too close to the television.
  • Move the sofa or chairs, particularly the most used seats, if they can be placed in a less exposed part of the room. An EMF meter or survey would be required for this.

Smart Meters

  • If you have a smart meter tracking your electricity usage it’s producing a large amount of RF radiation. Consider asking your utility provider to replace it with a safer analog version.


  • Don’t use bluetooth headphones (or apple airpods), they work by transmitting one to the other goes right through your skull. Airtube headphones are by far the safest, particularly for children. Sound quality is reduced slightly but the EMF exposure directly into your ear is reduced dramatically.
  • In fact don’t use bluetooth for anything, it’s very similar to WiFi when it comes to EMF radiation. If it’s a must have then like WiFi switch it on when you need to use it then switch it off again. Lots of people wander around with bluetooth activated on the phones and tablets and don’t even use it. This is unnecessary radiation exposure (and also wastes the battery). Make sure you’re not one of these people.


  • Whenever possible, replace wireless with wired. From home phones, to computers, wired is always going to be a significant reduction in radiation. Likewise think twice about buying any new product that communicates via wireless with anything else. Be cautious of anything ‘smart’ that connects to the internet. There will be an increasing amount of these products on the market soon, buy the wired or ‘dumb’ version instead.
  • If you’re determined to reduce your exposure as much as possible try to get into the habit of switching things off at the wall. All appliances draw some power if not switched off at the wall and draw a tiny electromagnetic field into the room. It will only reduce your exposure by a tiny amount however.
Techniques For External Sources

We have a good amount of control regarding mitigating EMFs from sources within our own home, but when the source is outside your home is there anything you can do? Sometimes, but the techniques are not always simple or inexpensive.

Neighbouring WiFi Signals

  • A very common (almost everyone at this stage!) external source of EMF pollution is WiFi signals from your neighbours’ wireless routers. A lot of homes now have multiple neighbouring WiFi signals present. You could go down the paint/shielding route but by far the best thing you can do is talk to your neighbours and convince them to at least put their wireless routers on timers to switch them off at night. You’ll be doing more good than you know if you do this, spreading awareness of the dangers of EMF radiation to other members of your community will help both of you in the short term, and all of us in the long term. Just be polite, a lot of people still don't understand the danger. You could try pointing them to this website if they're reluctant.

Mobile Phone Masts

  • If there’s a cell tower located near your home then chances are everyone in the home is being exposed to high levels of EMF radiation from it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Equally as likely is that it’s going to get much worse with 5G. Seriously consider moving to a safer area, the more rural you go the less problems you’ll have.
  • If moving isn’t an option then only real option is to attempt to shield/block the radiation from your home using shielding products. EMF Surveys can help with this if it's something you're considering.

Shielding External EMF Sources

  • When it comes to EMF shielding products there is something you should know up front. They're expensive, no I mean really expensive. This inevitably means there are many 'budget' versions available online. Do not buy cheap EMF shielding products whether from the UK or China, they simply don't block very much radiation at all, if any. Half the expense for little/no protection is not a shrewd move.
  • EMF shielding paint for the exterior of your house has been known to work well. It’s very expensive stuff however. EMF Surveys can help with this if it's something you're considering.
  • A cheaper option might be just to do a single room, a child's room maybe. There are shielding wallpapers that can be employed for this. Again though as with most good quality and effective EMF shielding products they are expensive.
  • Even with shielding paint or wallpaper your windows will still allow external EMFs to penetrate into your home. You can use a screen mesh for this which does seem to work well but will reduce your light level slightly (by about 20%) and again isn’t cheap.
  • Another option for your windows are anti-emf curtains. Not as effective as the screen mesh though and still not cheap.

All of the mitigation techniques discussed here are implemented or discussed specific to your home as part of our EMF home survey.

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