After a degree in electrical and electronic engineering I spent 15 years in the technology sector during which time I worked for several national and international telecommunications companies as well as utility providers and financial institutes. Learned a fair bit about technology during that time, but also a little of how the world actually works.

A few years back I started to get suspicious about the emerging 5G technology that seems to be rolling out worldwide at an astonishing rate. While digging around I came across a report to UNESCO detailing the effects on nature some telecoms masts were having in Mt Nardi, Australia.

In short it was basically a 15 year timeline of adding a new mast/dish and recording how many species disappeared. It was the return of some species within days when the masts were down for maintenance that really caught my eye.

"To truly understand what these studies reveal is to stare into the abyss"... Did did that guy ever know how to conclude a report!

My concerns about this mad rush to get 5G deployed everywhere all at once grew, but I had no idea that there was evidence 4G, 3G, even 2G were detrimental to human health too. How did I not know this? How does everybody not know this? Why does TV ignore this and actually promote 5G?

I researched everything I could get my hands on (the Bioinitiative Report is actually what I was looking for), attended lectures and meetings on EMF and 5G and eventually bought some meters so I could measure EMF radiation levels for myself. That was another eye-opener! Some family seemed interested, then some friends asked for readings around their homes too. Throwing in some advice on reducing the exposure and unofficial EMF Home Surveys was born.

I meet more and more people becoming aware of the detrimental health effects of EMF and 5G every day. I eventually met some people who were actively trying to warn people that introducing WiFi technology into our schools (despite Irish Doctors and Council of Europe recommendations not to) was actually dangerous for our kids. I completely understood their concerns and struggle. Possibly admiration, likely guilt, but I agreed this was getting out of hand and decided there probably wasn't a more important job I could be doing. More lucrative certainly, but not more important and we all have to make that choice at some point in life.

I travelled to the UK to train, became a qualified EMF consultant, returned and opened the doors of EMF Home Surveys proper.

The goal of EMF Home Surveys is to make information on EMF radiation levels in the home and how to reduce it accessible to as many people as possible in Ireland by offering affordable home surveys. In doing so we hope to spread public awareness of the health concerns associated with wireless and 5G technology and ultimately stop its rollout in our beautiful country.

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